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    Diễn Đàn SEO  What is SocialRobot?
    Social Robot is a brand new software that allows your customers to build up to 800 social bookmarks to any URL they want.
    Specifically, we use social bookmarks to get fast page rankings for our YouTube videos.

    Why you should need it?
    – One-Click Posting: Once your project is configured, all you need to do is click ONE button and SR will take it from there and do it ALL!

    – Powerful Scheduler: Give your campaigns that natural feel by taking advantage of our powerful scheduling module.

    – Export Campaigns: Easily export your campaigns with ONE click! Perfect for reporting to your clients

    – Live Link Checker: Run a quick check to verify your links have been posted. You can also export only the live links.

    – Multithreaded: Configure your setting as you please with the ability to run up to 200 threads at a time for ULTRA fast speed!

    – Full Proxy and Captchas support for an amazing success ratio!

    – Multiple CMS Support: SocialRobot supports all the major bookmarking platforms including Pligg,
    PHPDug, Scuttle, ScuttlePlus, GetBoo, and many more

    – and there’s still many many more amazing features!

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